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 - My Polycystic Ovary & Me
 - My Thyroid & Me

  Welcome to the Website of Dr Hisham Maksoud
       MB BCh BAO LRCP & SI (NUI) FRCP (Edinburgh) FRCP (London) FACE MD
I am a Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology, Metabolism and General Internal Medicine at the Derby, Lincoln ,Nottingham and London. After graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons Dublin, I gained significant clinical experience in both Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Oxford Teaching Hospitals.

I have a specialist interest in Thyroid disease, PCOS, hirsutism, diabetes, obesity and endocrine disease. For a list of current clinics see the Biography page, or to arrange an appointment, please click here.

The purpose of my website is to inform visitors to my site about my current clinical practice, experience, training and research interests.
Hisham Maksoud
  Private Practice

Derby Nuffield Hospital
Rykneld Road
Derby DE23 4SN
United Kingdom

21 Regent Street
United Kingdom
Lincoln BMI Hospital
Nettleham Road
Lincoln LN2 1QU
United Kingdom

Tel:   0115 888 3555       Fax:   0115 857 7009

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    Proof you don't need to be overweight to have type 2 diabetes (Daily Mail)
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DISCLAIMER: I am happy to see patients referred by their general practitioner but I am sorry I cannot answer unsolicited medical questions or give clinical advice. I regret that such requests will not be answered. Advice should always be sought from your own general practitioner or specialist.